Cleveland Cavaliers' Spencer Hawes One of Best NBA Trades This Season

By kennethbrown
Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made one of the smartest trades this season in bringing center Spencer Hawes to the team. The young, dynamic center has been a revelation, and for many reasons. In a season in which trouble has loomed at almost every corner, Hawes has been a refreshing addition and the Cavaliers’ management deserve praise for bringing another talented player to help guard Kyrie Irving.

The center can score, rebound and assist and his all-round game is phenomenal for a center. The Cavaliers have upgraded many of their weaknesses through the addition of Hawes, and credit is due to all involved in making the deal happen, especially when some said it was a bad move and the Cavaliers gave up too much for the big man. He has most certainly proved himself in his time in Cleveland and he’s forced his critics to eat their negative words.

Their struggling season looks to end on a positive, and the Cavaliers are still confident in their rebuilding plans. Their inconsistency at center was a huge problem for the team and instantly, Hawes fixed all of these problems, allowing their bench to become stronger from the move too. Irving clearly needs help, and in Hawes, he has it, and the pair seem to have developed a very good on-court relationship.

With Hawes’ smarts on display each and every game, fans can’t help but think the Cavaliers have made the steal of the season in bringing him to Cleveland. Can Hawes lead them to the playoffs?

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