Steve Nash Has Potential As A Future Head Coach

By Brendan Patel
Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash is often times referred to as being a coach on the floor, specifically on the offensive side. He is a natural leader whose positive encouragement rubs off on his teammates. He is a true floor general often noted for his intelligent play ability to make everyone around him better. These qualities, similar to other point guards, make Nash a very attractive option as a future head coach.

Immediately after Jason Kidd retired, he was offered a head coaching gig with the Brooklyn Nets. He struggled early on, but has been doing better as the season has progressed. Nash shares similar attributes to Kidd in terms of being a point guard looking to make his teammates better. He also shares the same love for the game, one of the reasons why he insists on not retiring. Some players lose the passion for the game as they age, but Nash still has it as he fights back from injury.

Nash can learn from Kidd jumping a little too early into a head coaching gig. Few players are read to become a head coach straight out of retirement. It is more likely that Nash could find himself attached to a coach such as Mike D’Antoni as an assistant, similar to Brian Shaw with Phil Jackson. This would allow him to understand the differences of leading a team from a coaching standpoint, as well as spending years fine-tuning his coaching strategy. It will also give him the opportunity to explore what his identity as a coach will be.

Of all active players in the NBA at this moment, Nash is the one with the most ability to pursue a coaching career. His passion and love for the game give him the base for a future as a coach, while his knowledge and understanding of basketball shows his potential be a great coach. Many would be glad to see him coaching younger talents in future years once he chooses to retire from the Los Angeles Lakers.

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