Expect Jimmer Fredette To Get Playing Time For Chicago Bulls

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Ever since Jimmer Fredette signed with the Chicago Bulls, Bulls fans have been waiting patiently to see him get quality playing time. But so far for the two-year guard, it’s a lot of watching from the bench.

When the Bulls signed Fredette on Mar. 2, it was no surprise that the guard played a meager three minutes of garbage time against the New York Knicks — a role that he was very familiar with when he played for the Sacramento Kings. Thus far, in the small handful of games Fredette has played for the Bulls, he has never topped more than eight minutes of playing time.

However, that could all change now that the postseason is less than a month away. The schedule down the stretch end of the regular season for the Bulls is relatively easy. They play a total of nine teams not expected to make the playoffs, and that is when Fredette will have the opportunity to crack the Bulls’ rotation. His shooting from the outside — combined with his ability to fire up a crowd — is much too important to ignore.

Also, if there are any injuries to Kirk Hinrich, Mike Dunleavy, Jimmy Butler or D.J. Augustin, that would open the door for Fredette to establish himself in the lineup. In the 2013 NBA playoffs, Hinrich missed the final eight games of the postseason for Chicago with a bruised left calf injury. And without another adequate point guard on the roster, head coach Tom Thibideau was forced to play Nate Robinson there a majority of the time. Fredette could thrive in that backup role if such an injury were to occur this season.

With the regular season quickly coming to an end, expect Fredette to see some quality action before it’s all said and done.

Wally Jacobs is a Chicago Bulls writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @WJac1

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  • Justin Lee

    I hope you’re right.

  • Tom

    I think everyone is getting their hopes up too high. He isn’t nearly a savior. Let him be a good player.

    • Charles S Bush

      nobody is expecting him to be a savior, just make an impact. We all want him to get a shot because he has the character and work ethic 2nd to none. He is a class act and deserves to at least have a shot at playing time.

      • Tom

        He does….I just don’t want everyone to dump on him if he doesn’t play well right away. He has to work himself into game shape (Bulls shape)

        • Charles S Bush

          He can’t do that if he never plays. Why draft him to help in a play-off push if you aren’t going to see how he performs in a game under pressure in your system? Do you really want his real test to come in the play-off while still full of rust? or do you want him to be able to build up to it?

  • 3GrandKeys

    He’s not playing this year unless it’s garbage time, or there’s injury or foul trouble. Coach already said as much. He must have joined the team knowing that. Everyone stays healthy on this team and comes back next year… I think he’s done seeing meaningful minutes in the league. If a guy leads the league in 3-point shooting percentage and still can’t crack the rotation on a team that has hard time scoring… He can be really fun to watch when he’s on a tear and I want him to succeed, but I’ve lost hope at this point.

  • Truth928

    Just a shame that Fredette STILL has never got a chance to shine with consistency ..he STILL LEADS THE NBA in 3pt% is number 2 in FG% for PG’s …He is a team first guy with great passing ability and he is a Thrill to watch…Hope Thibs gives him a chance soon…