NBA Should Bar Philadelphia 76ers From Earning Top Pick In 2014 NBA Draft

philadelphia 76ers tanking

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On Monday night, the Philadelphia 76ers picked up what seemed to be an obligatory loss at the hands of the Indiana Pacers, although only losing 99-90 could be seen as a victory at this point. The loss was the 21st in a row for the 76ers, and there is no way to cover up the fact that they are blatantly tanking at this point in an attempt to earn the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

And while some in NBA circles will look the other way, new commissioner Adam Silver should bring down the hammer by barring Philadelphia from receiving the top pick in the draft.

The 76ers have now picked up a 6-31 record since the beginning of 2014, and the players have embarrassed the organization and fans. Philadelphia has fielded eight different D-League players, traded away Evan Turner, barred Nerlens Noel from stepping onto the court and have looked to find ways to lose games on the court.

To the outside spectator, there could be genuine questioning as to whether the team openly practices turning the ball over, or if they have been directly instructed to lose by upper management.

Not only do the 76ers look like the worst team in the NBA, but this is a team that would have a tough time winning the D-League. This isn’t because of the lower division’s talent level, and should be a source of embarrassment for an organization that was once regarded as one of the model franchises in the NBA.

Clearly, Philadelphia has gone about damaging any chances of picking up wins in the hopes of securing the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, but new commissioner Silver simply can’t let them succeed. Stopping this tank job dead in its tracks will show the world the NBA is serious about banning tanking as a source of rebuilding and force the 76ers’ management to justify their ridiculous actions to fans who have been paying for tickets this season.

Tyler Leli is a Washington Capitals writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter, “Like” him on Facebook or join his network on Google.

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  • asisoid

    Nerlens is going to play in a couple weeks. He isn’t ready yet. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Adam Silver came out and publicly supported the Sixers.

    Job well done…..

    • Tyler Leli

      Did you realistically expect Silver to come out and lambast the 76ers? It is no secret that the organization wants Noel to sit out the whole season, and they purposely constructed a roster and made moves this season aimed at finishing bottom of the East. My point isn’t necessarily that something is going to be done to take out tanking, but rather that it should be.

      • Sid Dise Jr.

        Change the rule if they want change…but to punish someone for working within the system they put in place is just ludicrous. Again the organization is very smartly working within the rules in place. Please stop crying.

  • Sid Dise Jr.

    Keep your asinine opinions to yourself and keep your nose down there in Washington D.C. with your inadequate sports teams. Do you write this crap because you are jealous of the Eagles being 1000% better than the Redskins? Maybe that the Flyers are 1000% better than the Capitals? Or because we have management in the 76er’s that are working WITHIN the system that the commissioner has put in place and that your joke of a basketball team the Washington Wizards doesn’t have the talent in their offices to do the same? I can’t wait for when the 76er’s are in the playoffs in the next year or two while Washington sports continue to be a joke. Keep being jealous and crying about it you wanna be beat writer.

    • Tyler Leli

      I don’t see why personal attacks are necessary.. You are certainly right about the Eagles being better than the Redskins, and that likely will be true until Dan Snyder leaves town. On the end of the Flyers being 1000x better than the Capitals, that simply isn’t true and in fact I could make a realistic and justified case that Washington is better than Philadelphia. Finally, the Wizards are already a playoff team in the NBA and they actually have a young core built to win for years to come.

      If you really wanted to add in other teams, the Nationals are certainly in better shape than the Phillies, no doubt about it. Meanwhile the Union are certainly in a better position than DC United.

      Now I’m not here to sit back and justify all Washington sports, but some of your claims are a bit baseless. There are pros and cons to the sporting teams in each city but only the Eagles could claim to be far and away better than their counterparts.

      • Sid Dise Jr.

        The Phillies are a better organization, they are just strapped into bad contracts with old players…this is because of the current structure of how baseball contracts are being composed and the Phillies will be back on top in the next few years and I didn’t mention the Phillies in my first post because of their current situation and baseball as a whole disgusts me. Until they limit contracts which are allowing for organisations to end up cash strapped by guaranteed money and outlandish dollar figures I will never watch another baseball game. In my opinion ALL sports contracts should be pay for performance…that way you can sign someone for 5-6 or more years and they won’t play on auto pilot after getting their payday a’la Steve Nash or Jimmy Rollins…and it would also curtail the diva behavior of players like Deshawn Jackson who would get paid for their performance and stop them from playing like children when they don’t get their way. Also taking this measure might actually make it so that the normal American family can once again attend the highest level of sporting events and not have to forgo all together or go to minor league games. This is a different topic but it goes to the point of why the Phillies and other teams go from top of the league to pathetic in 1-2 seasons with no option to get out other than waiting out contracts that they were forced into overpaying in order to try and be competitive.

        The Wizards are a sub-par playoff team that will not have any chance to get out of the first round and are no where near on the level of the Heat or the Thunder and won’t be. By the 76er’s doing what they are and keeping MCW to build around they will be setting themselves up as a good place for free agents to want to come as well as building a new nucleus of young talent to build around after this year’s draft.

        Please tell me how any Washington sports team is actually a better organization than their Philadelphia counterpart?

        Philadelphia fans are also just more informed, loyal and an overall better fan base than Washington and very few cities in the country can claim otherwise…maybe the Yankees or the Mets? And only those teams because of their sheer size and longevity of the franchises.

      • Sid Dise Jr.

        The attack is necessary, eye for an eye like Hammurabi. You attack the Sixers in this article when in fact your attack needs to be aimed at the Commissioner. Why hate the player for playing within the rules? Isn’t it the rule you have the issue with? Why shouldn’t an organization do everything in it’s power to better itself? The team in it’s former state had no chance at obtaining anything or competing with the likes of the superstar stacked teams and weren’t an attractive option for a big name, game changer to want to sign here. Staying as a team just short of playoffs season in and out will end up in a stagnant team which ultimately will hurt the efforts to rebuild an organization that has been financially struggling since the Iverson era. By doing what they are doing, legally doing it mind you, they are now putting themselves in a position to turn around this team in one of the deepest drafts in years. This will ultimately make the team better, the league better and the fans happier. To me one tanked season is better than 5+ of mediocrity, which is what would happen if they were to play it any other way.

  • Alex Hawkins

    Worst article I have ever read.