NBA Should Bar Philadelphia 76ers From Earning Top Pick In 2014 NBA Draft

By Tyler
philadelphia 76ers tanking
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On Monday night, the Philadelphia 76ers picked up what seemed to be an obligatory loss at the hands of the Indiana Pacers, although only losing 99-90 could be seen as a victory at this point. The loss was the 21st in a row for the 76ers, and there is no way to cover up the fact that they are blatantly tanking at this point in an attempt to earn the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

And while some in NBA circles will look the other way, new commissioner Adam Silver should bring down the hammer by barring Philadelphia from receiving the top pick in the draft.

The 76ers have now picked up a 6-31 record since the beginning of 2014, and the players have embarrassed the organization and fans. Philadelphia has fielded eight different D-League players, traded away Evan Turner, barred Nerlens Noel from stepping onto the court and have looked to find ways to lose games on the court.

To the outside spectator, there could be genuine questioning as to whether the team openly practices turning the ball over, or if they have been directly instructed to lose by upper management.

Not only do the 76ers look like the worst team in the NBA, but this is a team that would have a tough time winning the D-League. This isn’t because of the lower division’s talent level, and should be a source of embarrassment for an organization that was once regarded as one of the model franchises in the NBA.

Clearly, Philadelphia has gone about damaging any chances of picking up wins in the hopes of securing the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, but new commissioner Silver simply can’t let them succeed. Stopping this tank job dead in its tracks will show the world the NBA is serious about banning tanking as a source of rebuilding and force the 76ers’ management to justify their ridiculous actions to fans who have been paying for tickets this season.

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