New York Knicks Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Leaving New York at End of Season

By Ken Scudero
Carmelo Anthony
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In what was a day of celebration for the New York Knicks organization with Phil Jackson becoming president of the team, there was also a discouraging rumor which began circulating. Knick fans couldn’t be any happier with the hiring of Jackson, but the nasty rumor which leaked seems to be quite possibly true. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has stated on the show First Take that Carmelo Anthony will not be a New York Knick next year. Smith says he was told a week ago, a few days ago, and then again this morning by a trustworthy source that Anthony is going to sign elsewhere as a free agent this summer.

The news may not be shocking, as the Knicks don’t look like a team that’s capable of winning a championship any time soon. What’s shocking about this rumor, if it’s true, is that Anthony’s decision was already made before the Knicks brought in Jackson. Surely, Anthony would be happy to have one of the best basketball coach’s of all-time running the team for the next five years. But Jackson’s presence seems to make no difference in Anthony’s choice to sign for less money with another franchise.

You can’t blame Anthony for wanting to leave the Knicks. The source which told Stephen A. Smith that Anthony will be gone has also said that he is tired of hearing of 2015. He doesn’t want to be subject to another losing season before the team is able to sign some top-notch free agents in 2015. Again, if this is true, it is definitely not what James Dolan and the Knicks saw coming.

The move to bring Jackson in as president of the team was not only a long-term solution for the quality of the team, it was a reason for Anthony to stay. The Knicks need Anthony to stay because without him, they won’t sell tickets next year. There aren’t superstar free agents to be had this summer and without Anthony, the Knicks will struggle to not only win, but to sell out games. The Knicks better hope this rumor is not true, because next season will be a nightmarish one if it is.

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