Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo Sparks Win Over Miami Heat

By Michael LeDuc
Rajon Rondo
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics put the tanking on hold for one night as they beat the Miami Heat 101-96. Despite being in favor of losing as many games as possible, beating the Heat is a win I and any other Celtic fan will take exception to. The Celtics displayed their confidence and pride with their collective victory over the Heat.

Clearly, bad blood still flows between these two teams. Rajon Rondo, who was part of the former rivalry, still feels hatred toward Miami and brings his game to another level when playing them. Of course, seeing Ray Allen in red can make any Celtic fans’ blood boil. Everything the Heat represents is contrary to the tradition to the Celtics.

The team played together, trusted each other, and confidently push the Heat over the edge. Rondo led the charge by recording a near triple-double with nine points, 10 rebound and a remarkable 15 assists. He took it upon himself to take over and score the last two buckets of the game, shattering the hopes of the Heat.

Avery Bradley also did his part in the win by scoring 23 points and hitting six three pointers. He also kept Dwyane Wade in check on the defensive side of the floor. Bradley seems to step up his game whenever he goes head-to-head with Wade. However, what may be most impressive is his offensive performance when playing along side Rondo.

A win over the Heat is never truly satisfying without LeBron James on the floor, but Boston can take pride in two victories over Miami. Give credit to coach Brad Stevens. Stevens is able to get the most out of his weak roster; imagine if he had more talented players on his squad. Same for Rondo. Rondo was able to dish out 15 assists with this roster; imagine if he had a player like Kevin Love on his side. Games like this show that Boston is truly one or two pieces away from contention.

It was a remarkable win for the Celtics, even if James wasn’t part of it. It is a win we all should sit back and enjoy. The victory was nice, but the Celtics need to get back on track with the tanking project as soon as possible. Nonetheless, I’ll take a win over the Heat any day of the week.

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