Jeff Green Remains Consistently Inconsistent for Boston Celtics

By Michael LeDuc
Jeff Green
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In the Boston Celtics‘ loss against the Dallas Mavericks, Jeff Green frustrated fans once again with a subpar offensive performance. After torching the New Orleans Pelicans with 39 points the night before, Green scored a dismal five points against Dallas while shooting 2-of-12 from the field.

This has been ongoing exasperation for Celtics fans for the last two seasons. One night Green scores at will, completely obliterating the opposing team with his scoring ability. Then he follows up his terrific performance with a downright awful one, usually scoring in the single digits. It’s apparent that Green is nothing but a tease. He has all the makings to be one of the best scorers in the league, but he fails to utilize his talents effectively.

His inconsistencies are not merely results of “off nights” or tough opposing defenses. All the responsibility lies in the hands of Green himself. If he wants to score 20 points a game, he absolutely can control that. Unfortunately, he does not have that mentality for whatever reason. the lack of “killer instinct” holds him back from being what Celtics fans want him to be.

Before I rip on 27-year-old forward for his shortcomings, I would like to give him credit for performing much better the last month and a half. Ever since Rajon Rondo‘s return, Green has been a much better scorer. In February, he averaged over 20 points a game and is currently averaging around 18 in the month of March. However, let’s take a closer look at his inconsistencies.

When Green attempts 19 or more shots in a game (11 times), he averages 28.3 points. That simply means he has the ability to score 28 points a game if he remained aggressive and took advantage of his talent. You might say that is is unfair to expect him to score 28 points a game, and I agree with that. So, let’s factor in the games in which he took at least 16 shots. If Green takes at least 16 shots a game, he would be averaging 23.8 points a game. Is that fair to expect?

‘Well of course he’s going to score more if he takes more shots.’ Yes, but shot attempts indicate how aggressive Green is being. It shows he wants the ball in his hands on the offensive end of the floor. It proves he wants to be the guy in those games. But how does he perform in the games after his stellar offensive outputs?

After games in which Green attempted at least 19 shots, he averages around 14 shot attempts and 13.9 points. Find a great performance by Green and I’ll find an equally poor performance the next night.

According to the statistics, it is fair to expect Green to attempt at least 16 shots and average around 23 points per game. He has the athleticism, finishing ability, speed and jump shot to put up monster numbers almost every night. Instead, Green shies away from the pressure and takes a back seat. If he could harness his skills and ability, he would be a star player for the Celtics.

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