LeBron James Has New Sprite Drink, But He's No Grant Hill

By Andrew Fisher
LeBron James
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is the biggest bargain in the NBA when it comes to his annual salary. The King could easily command the highest salary in the NBA, but he chooses to play in Miami with a bunch of other stars — you can’t have it both ways. But don’t feel too bad for LBJ. He’s made enough, and he’ll continue to make truckloads of endorsement money for the rest of his life.

James made headlines last week when he tweeted out his displeasure with his Samsung phone, one of the many companies he endorses. Now, he’s making headlines with his new deal soft drink deal. That’s right, LeBron is now a Sprite endorser.

Not only does James endorse Sprite, he’s even got his own drink — 6 Mix.

Cheesy tagline = LeBron has changed the game. Again.

I’ll be curious what this new Sprite drink tastes like, but I highly doubt it’s even close to as good as the original. What soda spinoff has ever been as good as the original? It just doesn’t happen. However, with LBJ’s name attached to this ‘6 Mix’, I’m sure it will sell, at least for a little while.

But no matter how well 6 Mix does in stores, we all know that James has no chance of becoming the greatest Sprite pitchman of all time. That title belongs to Grant Hill, who single-handedly influenced a generation to enjoy the refreshing taste of Sprite.

Here’s how it’s done, LeBron:

Obey your thirst. Now that’s a tagline.


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