Nets' Guard Alan Anderson Makes up NCAA Tournament Teams, Makes New Yorkers Pick Them

By Connor Muldowney
Alan Anderson
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Alan Anderson is a guard for the Brooklyn Nets and a former Michigan State Spartans star. He may not be a big-name NBA player, but he is about as solid as they come for a role player. With the NCAA Tournament approaching, he thought it would be the perfect time to hit the streets of New York at Times Square and ask people what they thought about March Madness and possible upsets.

There’s one catch: Anderson made up possible Cinderellas and people surprisingly took the bait. Just watch the hilarity in the video below.

Anderson hit the streets to ask casual college basketball fans — even if it is just for the month of March — who they thought would be the best in the Tournament. However, Anderson used teams like Coastal Iowa, Zanadu, St. Vincent St. Mary’s and D.C. State to lure people into picking the made up Cinderella.

This video is so great for many reasons. For one, the fact that some people picked the team that they had never heard of before over a clearly real team is awesome. Anderson sold it so much by barely cracking a smile and never laughing even though he knew the questions he was posing were ridiculous.

One part of the video made me laugh harder than the rest. When Anderson clearly made up the team name “Zanadu” and the man he was interviewing picked them and said the name wrong, pronouncing it “Vanadu”. That led Anderson to ask two girls who clearly don’t watch college basketball if they had seen Zanadu play. When the girl responded with “yeah, I’ve seen them play”, I almost lost it.

This just shows that most of America picks blind when it comes to the NCAA Tournament and filling out brackets.

Good luck, America.

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