Chicago Bulls Flirt With Disaster Against Philadelphia 76ers

By Troy Dixon
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A win is a win. You’ll take as many of them whenever and however you can. Every single one counts as the Chicago Bulls are fighting for their playoff seed, however, their win tonight was flat out ugly. Reason being, the Bulls struggled to put away the team with the second worst record in the NBA and a vastly growing 22-game losing streak, the Philadelphia 76ers.

To be perfectly honest, this game should’ve been put to bed way back early in the fourth quarter. Defensive inconsistencies and plays taken off by the Bulls allowed Thaddeus Young, Tony Wroten and the unlikely Byron Mullens to breathe life into their team for a push towards a streak ending win. It wasn’t enough though, as the Bulls received balanced efforts across the board from their key players.

Taj Gibson, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah each finished the game with a double-double. In addition, D.J. Augustin continues to be the x-factor behind the team’s resurgence this season. He got back on track after a rough night Monday by scoring 20 points off the bench, four out of six from behind the three-point arc.

The bad thing about the Sixers’ losing streak is that it is now closing in on the league record; they have already set the franchise mark. The good thing is that this team is visibly not intending to lose the way that they are. Tanking for high picks in a lottery system discredits the league and the product that they’re trying to showcase, so it’s nice to see that this team is trying to fight through their struggles. Michael Carter-Williams as the only consistent player is just not enough to bring in the occasional win for this team, so don’t anticipate things getting better soon. In the end, hopefully they don’t end up breaking this losing streak record.

On the other side, the Bulls can now turn their attention to their big matchup on Friday. They will be taking on the struggling Indiana Pacers, who dropped yet another game. This time, it came at the hands of Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. That game will present the team’s latest challenge toward their pursuit of the third seed in the Eastern Conference.

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