New York Knicks Can Win A Playoff Series This Season

By Ken Scudero
Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a regular season game, but how else can we judge how good a team is before the playoffs? On Wednesday night, the New York Knicks looked like a playoff team. They looked like a team capable of controlling a game in the last minutes, and a team capable of winning consistently. Did it have to do with the newly present Phil Jackson? I don’t think so. But one thing is for sure — if the Knicks get into the playoffs, they have at least a chance of beating the Indiana Pacers or the Miami Heat in a seven game series.

The Knicks are getting hot at the right time, and that’s all it takes. They seem to have finally put it all together these last seven games, and anyone who doubted their ability to beat a good team has to be quiet for at least a few days. The Knicks led the Pacers for most of the game, and when it got close at the end, New York closed the game in victorious fashion. They’re passing the ball, making shots, and playing better defense than they have all season. If they continue to play like this, there’s no reason why they can’t defeat the Pacers or the Heat in the playoffs.

In order to actually get in the playoffs, the Knicks need a lot to happen. Not only do they need to play flawless basketball and win almost every one of their remaining games, they need some teams to lose. The Atlanta Hawks are playing great basketball right now, and have won five in a row. New York is currently four games behind Atlanta, and it will be tough to catch up to them. The 7th seed is currently the Charlotte Bobcats, who the Knicks trail by 4.5 games. So virtually, they have just as much a chance of catching the Bobcats as they do the Hawks.

If the Knicks get in the playoffs, they do have a good chance of winning a couple of games in a series. They have a decent chance at winning a series and advancing to the second round if they play how they’ve been playing. Metta World Peace tweeted today that the Knicks can win a championship this season. He believes they’re capable of it, and though he isn’t the best person to listen to, I don’t think he’s too crazy on this one. He’s spent time with the team this season and he knows what they can be.

When the Knicks play like they did on Wednesday night, the sky is the limit for them. The Knicks are coming together as a team, and that’s the only way they have a chance at winning anything.

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