2014 NBA Draft: Jerami Grant Deserves a Second-Round Look by Milwaukee Bucks

By David Grant
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The Milwaukee Bucks‘ season is down to a handful of games and then the focus will turn to the 2014 NBA Draft. The team will have a high lottery pick and is likely to finish in the bottom two, maximizing their chance at the overall No. 1 pick. They will also hold a high second-round pick (in addition to others acquired via trades). One player they need to analyze for the second round is Syracuse forward Jerami Grant.

Drafting in the second round isn’t necessarily best available, but rather a place to address needs. Depending on the frontcourt, the Bucks may want to add depth. Grant brings toughness with defense and rebounding. He can also draw defenses into the paint and score at the rim. If the Bucks feel they need more of a stretch forward then Grant may not fit the need. At this point he doesn’t possess much of a jump shot and is not a good ball handler. To utilize Grant effectively, he needs to be near the hoop.

Bottom line: Grant could stay in school another year, and he would probably benefit by improving his offense and standing out more against this year’s star-studded class. If he does enter the draft, a team looking for defense and rebounding could do worse than snatching up Grant. He may not be a lottery pick this year, but he possesses traits to make it at the next level. The Bucks have questions surrounding Ersan Ilyasova, John Henson and even Larry Sanders they will need to address this offseason. Depending on the outcome, a player like Grant could fit nicely, adding depth and defense to the frontcourt.

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