Chicago Bulls Should Regret Not Signing Danny Granger When They Could

By Tracy Martin
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While the Chicago Bulls admittedly have one of the better rosters in the NBA, their depth is lacking. However, Chicago has no right to complain about this, as they had several opportunities in the past few months to fix it. Several talented players were in the market for a new team, and Chicago let them all slip away. Now one of the stronger choices they had as a potential signing, Danny Granger, has turned into something special for his new team, leaving some to question how he could have helped the Bulls.

Granger has had an amazing run since being signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. Statistically, he’s pulling in 8.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 0.9 assists on 17.5 minutes per game. In fact, since his game has been better than expected, it has led Clippers management to consider giving him a starting position. Any misconceptions of Granger having his best days before his series of injuries have been squashed. Turns out he might have just been on the wrong team or didn’t have the proper motivations.

Meanwhile, what have the Bulls accomplished with their one signing in the past few months? Instead of signing someone they knew they could get some mileage out of right out the gate, they chose to go after Jimmer Fredette. While this wasn’t necessarily a bad option, the way they’ve handled him certainly is. Fredette has yet to play significant minutes and prove how he can help out the Bulls’ offense.

As of right now, signing Fredette and not using him has been one of the biggest missteps of this season. Granger already has a capable offensive game and his NBA talents have been proven, so he could have helped carry Chicago’s offensive game into the offseason. Now it’s time to wait and see if Fredette gets the opportunity to turn into the offensive mastermind so many have pegged him as.

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