Los Angeles Lakers: Steve Nash Still Wants To Play

By Brendan Patel
Howard Smith - USA TODAY Sports
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash was recently ruled out for the season by the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike D’Antoni has mentioned that it is pointless for Nash to play since the Lakers are out of playoff contention. The Lakers are also trying to get their younger players as much playing time as possible to see if they fit with the team moving forward. So, the news that Nash will return tonight and play 10-12 minutes is surprising. But in the ever-changing world of the NBA, Nash’s warrior spirit is one that should be celebrated.

There are plenty of reasons for Nash not to play tonight. He has had many injury problems and has not been able to play for the majority of the season. He could further ruin his chances of playing next year should he hurt himself again. The Lakers are out of playoff contention, and it will do Nash no good to play. Nash has trouble staying in front of anyone on defense, and his minutes would be better served going to younger players.

But Nash does not care about any of that. That doesn’t make him selfish, he is just a player who still loves playing basketball and will do anything to help his team win. The Lakers are down to one healthy point guard, and having Nash play around 10 minutes should be beneficial in giving Kendall Marshall rest. While other organizations are intent on tanking and securing the best possible draft pick, the Lakers are hoping to close out the season strong and win as many games as possible.

Nash is a truly special player who will surely be entering the Hall of Fame in a couple years. His love of the game is something that younger basketball players should look up to and appreciate. He is still passionate about playing basketball the right way, always trying to make his teammates better. He isn’t worried about the future, just how he can help his team in the present. There is nothing wrong with an NBA player wanting to prove himself and wanting to be a winner.

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