NBA Jerseys Should Not Have Ads On Them

By Wally Jacobs
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 It is not enough for the NBA to put ads almost everywhere you look during a game. Now, they are willing to sell themselves out even further by having ads placed on jerseys.

When a viewer first tunes in to an NBA game, the first thing they normally want to do is watch the game. But nowadays, the average sports fan is bombarded by advertisements all over the screen. They even have television timeouts on nationally-televised games in order to run more ads during the broadcast.

But it doesn’t just stop at the television timeouts anymore. Arenas are named after their sponsors now, and even have their logos on the court itself. The NBA also runs ads during live action that is usually at the bottom of the screen, has giant ads across the scorers’ table, and will even have play-by-play announcers promote products or shows during dead ball situations.

So long are the days of hearing the likes of Marv Albert call a game without having him pitch a few television shows for TNT. However, ads on game jerseys is where fans should draw the line.

The WNBA already implements advertisements on their player jerseys, and it has become very frustrating to watch. The team names themselves are completely erased, and in its place is a giant ad across their chest. Soon, viewers won’t be watching the Los Angeles Lakers against the Chicago Bulls; instead, it will be Team “LifeLock” against Team “AT&T”.

There has to be other ways that commissioner Adam Silver can promote the league without having to tarnish the uniforms of the team. The NBA is a thriving sports league in the United States and internationally as well. Not putting advertisements on the jerseys will not hurt the overall product, so leave the uniforms alone.

Wally Jacobs is a Chicago Bulls writer for Follow him on Twitter @WJac1

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