Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets Should Strive For Home-Court Advantage

By Mike B. Ruiz
Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports
Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

The Brooklyn Nets may be creeping up in the standings, but if you ask forward Paul Pierce, this ascendance isn’t preoccupying them too much these days.

“We haven’t really said where we want to be,” said Pierce earlier in the week. “We want to obviously win the division, but we know that even if we do start on the road, we are more than a capable team that can get the job done on the road.

Pierce exuding a world of confidence when it comes to possibly not having home-court advantage in a postseason series is fantastic and all, but that shouldn’t skew the impression of what Brooklyn’s mentality should truly be in regards to their playoff seeding. The honest truth is that this group needs to shoot for the third seed as if they were a borderline team fighting for the No. 8 spot.

Why would any team not vehemently strive for something that’s right within their reach? The Toronto Raptors, who currently hold the third-best record in the Eastern Conference, are only two games ahead of the Nets in the loss column. That slot is more than attainable with 16 games remaining on Brooklyn’s schedule.

But more importantly, home-court advantage is of utmost importance in the playoffs. If you can have it, go get it. Having the first and last games at home can make all the difference in the final outcome of a series, especially for a Nets bunch who have won their last 10 in a row at Barclays. And although the fourth seed would also come with nice perks, the matchup that comes with the third spot would likely be more favorable for Brooklyn.

Pierce and his teammates might have zero problem taking their show on the road in the playoffs, but they shouldn’t settle for that when they have an excellent opportunity to provide themselves an edge over their opponent(s).

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