Dallas Mavericks Self-Destruct vs. Average Brooklyn Nets

By Miotch
Jose Calderon
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks must really not want to play in the playoffs this season. After the most recent collapse tonight at home in a 107-104 loss in overtime to the Brooklyn Nets, the Mavericks looked like an NBA team ready to go on vacation.

The self-destruction again came at the defensive end late in the fourth quarter. In that fourth quarter, Paul Pierce managed to bull his way right past an absent Mavericks defense that also managed to make Deron Williams somehow look like the greatest point guard that ever lived. The Mavericks, in spite of a monster rebounding and shot-blocking game from Samuel Dalembert and a solid 32 points from Monta Ellis, did what they do best — blow a double-digit lead.

The Mavericks, who are now 0-3 on the season in overtime games, are dealing with a more pressing dilemma — Dirk Nowitzki is cold as that dwarf planet. With a chance to ice the game with less than a minute remaining, Nowitzki chucked up an air ball. Nowitzki, who was two of 12 from the field for an anemic 10 points, was being single covered on that shot and had a good look.

At this dire time, the Mavericks are definitely in a position where maybe not even Nowitzki will be able to save them.

Sure, Dalembert and Ellis helped someone’s fantasy team, but that’s not what Mavericks basketball is supposed to be about. Rather than play team basketball, the team fell apart once again, this time to an average Nets team. Of course, tomorrow is another day and the Mavericks will shake this game off. They have no other choice, but it doesn’t look good when players like Shawn Marion are smiling and buddying up to former teammate and current Nets head coach Jason Kidd after the game.

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