Mason Plumlee Deserves Big Playoff Minutes For Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

These days, Jason Collins is undoubtedly the big man who’s received the greatest deal of media buzz from non-Brooklyn Nets fans across the league, with all of it being derived for what he represents for societal progress and acceptance.

But when you’re talking about nothing other than basketball performance, these fans should know that the man in the middle in Brooklyn who should be receiving the most love is actually Mason Plumlee.

Yes, he’s just a rookie, but the only thing that’s given away his youth for much of his playing time has been that baby face. After being somewhat up and down earlier in the season due to the inconsistency of minutes received, Plumlee’s impact has been much more noticeable since becoming a mainstay in the rotation following an extended loss of Kevin Garnett due to a back injury.

It’s unclear when Garnett will return to Brooklyn’s lineup, but even if he does make his way back around or during the beginning of playoff time, Plumlee deserves to keep the significant role he has inherited. There’s no secret that coaches aren’t always overly comfortable with entrusting rookies with the major responsibilities that accompany the postseason, but the veteran-like knowledge of the game Plumlee has exhibited with regularity shouldn’t cause too much of such hesitation for Jason Kidd.

Nonstop hustle and supreme athleticism are the traits that have made Plumlee so valuable to what Brooklyn has put together during their current stretch. It’s that same combination of dedication and raw talent that will help him give them an edge during the playoffs as well.

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