Chicago Bulls Rumors: Kevin Love Should Be Pursued This Offseason

By Tracy Martin
Kevin Love Possible Chicago Bulls Signing
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While this offseason is going to have several high-profile stars on the free market, one of the best still has another year left on his contract. Kevin Love, the Minnesota Timberwolves‘ star player, will enter into free agency following the end of the 2014-15 season. But considering the rumors of Love eying different teams right now, the Chicago Bulls could possibly make a blockbuster trade for him at the end of this season.

Love’s athletic potential has already been proven, so a move for him should not be seen as much of a gamble. If the Bulls implement a strong recruiting push, then seeing Love in a black-and-red jersey may soon come to fruition. 

The highly-regarded potential signing for the Bulls this offseason is seen as Carmelo Anthony. But Anthony carries with him some baggage, mainly related to his reported poor teamwork mentality. In this regard, Love, who has always been recognized as a team player, may make a better addition to the team.

Additionally, Love can help Chicago patch up some of their weak spots. First, Chicago is not as strong at their forward spot as they used to be. Their other shortcoming at the moment is the lack of an efficient scorer. Trading for Love would be an efficient fix to both of these problems.

With no disrespect to the ‘Wolves intended, the Bulls can better offer a championship-contending team with their potentially stronger roster next season and the weak Eastern Conference.

However, this may be making much ado about nothing. Love is a crucial part of the Timberwolves’ roster, so it is unlikely that the team’s upper management will let him jump ship in the prime of his career. But stranger things have happened.

Whether they land Love in a blockbuster trade (hopefully without sacrificing too much) or at the end of next season, a move for Love should be initiated.

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