Why Was Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol Hospitalized?

pau gasol

Andrew D. Bernstein-Getty Imaged

On Sunday night, Pau Gasol played the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 103-94 win over the Orlando Magic, then reportedly proceeded to lay down in the middle of the Lakers locker room complaining of dizziness. This is quite bizarre as Gasol looked fine in the first half, giving no indication there was anything bothering him.

Some were speculating that the Lakers made up some excuse to hold him out in a desperate attempt to lose the game in their quest to tank the season. That theory was squashed as it was learned that Gasol spent the night in an unknown hospital after receiving three liters of IV fluid. That suggests he was very dehydrated, but how does one get that sick after just one half of basketball?

Is it possible the Big Spaniard had a little too much vino on Saturday night? It reminds me of when former Laker great Slava Medvedenko passed out in a hotel elevator on his way to the team bus after only eating a Snickers bar for breakfast. But then again, this latest development is just par for the course in a tumultuous Lakers season defined by the unexpected.

If the team hired Flea as an assistant coach, I wouldn’t be phased one bit. Heck, the Lakers even managed to hold a team to under 100 points for the first time in over a month, and even that is shocking these days. All kidding aside, let’s hope Gasol is fine and this hospital stay was purely for precautionary reasons.

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    Another negative mark for the Lakers horrendous season. Hopefully they can reboot during the draft and get some quality players via trade this offseason.

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