Kevin Durant Is The Only Player Worthy of Michael Jordan Comparisons

By Brian Anderson
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant has made it clear that he is not too fond of the comparisons between him and Michael Jordan. Despite his feelings, the comparisons will continue to spark debates as KD inches closer to Jordan’s 25-plus points scoring streak. He is currently sitting at 35 games of 25 or more points, five shy of tying MJ’s record. Other than the scoring streak, there are more than a few statistical similarities between Durant and Jordan — one of the more spectacular stats being that KD is the first player since Jordan to average at least 30 points, five rebounds, and five assists, while shooting 50-percent from the field.

Sorry, Durant, but the comparisons are not going to stop anytime soon. I understand being tired of the talk, but millions of people are in awe of this spectacular season of basketball. Just last year, people seldom compared Durant to anyone for the right reasons. Now, not only have the comparisons grown a life of their own, but also they make sense. Few players in this generation of basketball have had their names mentioned in the same breath as the single greatest player of all-time. It is not surprising that Durant wants the talk to stop, because he is the man today. He is only a few weeks away from locking in his first MVP Award. Durant wants to build on his own name and legacy, not that of another player’s, no matter how great they were on the court.

There is no question that KD is the best player in the league today. His goal is to be the man who everyone is compared to, not the other way around. If he continues to improve, while going on to win championships, Durant could do what most think is impossible — elevate over Jordan as the greatest player in NBA history. He already has the statistical weight to carry him in that debate. What stands out the most to me is the difference in shot attempts between KD and MJ. Jordan never took less than 1,700 shots in a full season, while Durant has only taken more than 1,500 once in his career. Still, Durant manages to put up numbers very similar to those of Jordan’s, even with the notable difference in field-goal attempts.

Fans of LeBron James will be quick to disagree with most, if not all, of everything I have written so far. James is obviously one of the greatest ever to play the game, but his decision to join the Miami Heat really made it impossible to see him in the light as Jordan and a select few legends. His decision ultimately cleared the path for Durant to swoop in and take the shine that James worked so hard to get. Durant’s legacy is far from being complete, but he has already accomplished enough to draw comparison to Air Jordan — not bad KD.

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