Derrick Rose Is Out For the Year, Confirms Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau

By Tracy Martin
Derrick Rose Is Not Returning, Chicago Bulls
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The Chicago Bulls suffered an unexpected blow to their season following star Derrick Rose‘s season-ending meniscus tear last November. After just 10 games, Chicago’s most beloved player had to end his comeback party early, sending the Bulls into crisis mode. Now as the year nears its end, rumors have circulated that Rose has begun practicing with the team and he expects to return in time for the playoffs.

But do these stories have any validity to them?

“No,” said head coach Tom Thibodeau. “He’s doing a little bit more, he’s coming along (and) doing some things in practice. But he’s out for the year.”

Spoken from the one man who would know best about what’s happening behind the scenes, there will be no return this year. End of story.

Besides, what can Rose really accomplish if he does come back in time for the playoffs? No insult to the former MVP‘s talents, but if he struggled in the early season (.354 field goal percentage, 58-for-164 shooting), who’s to say that he would be in any shape to perform in the playoffs?

Additionally, the Bulls would suffer a severe blow to their momentum if they had to modify their game strategy in order to properly bring Rose back into the fold. This would bring unneeded stress to a team that is actually in good spirits right now.

Rose should be left alone to his devices in rehab in the hopes that he can come back 110 percent next year. Bringing him back too soon, or worse, having a mindless media churn out story after story on his supposed return, would bring harm to a team that’s trying its best to end this season standing on two feet.

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