If Brooklyn Nets Want Surgery, Deron Williams Should Too

By Mike B. Ruiz
Derick E. Hingle-USA Today Sports
Derick E. Hingle-USA Today Sports

When someone agrees to invest a sum of almost $100 million in you, the list of things you aren’t willing to do for them shouldn’t be all that long.

Count ankle surgery as a request that wouldn’t make that limited list.

When speaking to a local radio show on Tuesday about several players and their futures with the team, Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King’s comments about Deron Williams included, “Maybe we have to look at a different approach in the offseason so this doesn’t happen next year,” which could imply the possibility of such surgery and/or surgeries.

Although Williams has undergone procedures on his ankles both this season and last, trying something more invasive that could keep the issues from popping up again would be worth a shot. Even if the injuries haven’t caused him to miss all that much playing time, Williams has only appeared as a shell of himself when dealing with the ailments.

Considering that Williams has a contract worth a total of $98 million, he shouldn’t refuse such a surgery if management believes that it could be a long term solution. For all we know, he might make a case for feeling confident and hoping for the best next season without having anything done, but that’s not a chance he should be willing to voice.

In order to be championship contenders, the Nets need Williams to play like the star he’s proven to be numerous times throughout his career. They also need him to set a positive example and be a leader.

If having surgery will have him healthier for a longer period of time, Williams should be all for it.

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