Is Phil Jackson Right To Bash Talent On New York Knicks?

By Ken Scudero
Phil Jackson
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s embarrassing loss by the New York Knicks wasn’t just a crucial loss in regards to their playoff hopes — it was a historic one.

The Los Angeles Lakers scored a franchise record 51 points in the third quarter. Three bench players for the Lakers combined to score 60 while the Knicks’ bench scored 21. It was a sloppy effort by New York in a game where no one could get their game going. Carmelo Anthony started 0-of-7 from field goal range but ended up as the leading scorer with 29 while playing almost 39 minutes. Knicks president Phil Jackson wasn’t very impressed with the effort put forth by his team, calling it, “really awful.”

Jackson watched the game from a luxury suite at the Staples Center on Tuesday night and as reported by the New York Times, Jackson made a few comments about the game. “When it’s 35 points you start to get worried,” Jackson said. “When it’s a 51-point quarter, that’s really awful.” Jackson was absolutely right, and there was no way of sugar-coating the game the Knicks played last night. It was probably their lowest point of the season, and that’s saying something in a season where they lost nine games in a row at one point.

Calling the game “awful” wasn’t the most telling thing Jackson said. He went on to say, “We’re in a talent hunt. We have to bring in talent.” That doesn’t sound like a president who is confident in his team making the playoffs. Meanwhile, Carmelo has said he’s still confident that this team is good enough to get into the playoffs. There’s nothing wrong with thinking that, but Phil Jackson was bold in stating that the Knicks need to bring in talent. What does that say about their current players?

Carmelo has been cold of late, and when he finally makes a few shots, it’s too late. He doesn’t have the ideal caliber of players around him, and the Knicks’ point guard play is probably the worst in the league. For Jackson to suggest that the team needs talent, it’s clear that he isn’t confident in the current roster, as no one should be.

This team is heavily flawed and it was actually a breath of fresh air to hear Jackson admit that they are talent hunting. This is why the Knicks brought Phil in. I don’t think they’re going to get in the playoffs because they’re simply deflated right now, but there’s a slight glimmer of hope for next season. There’s even more hope for the 2015-16 season.

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