Los Angeles Lakers' Chris Kaman 'Can't Wait' Until Season is Over, Hasn't Talked to Mike D'Antoni in 3 Weeks

By Joseph Crevier
Los Angele Lakers vs. New York Knicks
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It feels like as the days pass, Mike D’Antoni becomes a worse coach. His rotations have been questionable all season long as well as his tendency to play his favorite players rather than the player best qualified for the position. Chris Kaman has been a victim to these shenanigans for the short length of his career as a part of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The big man signed with Los Angeles under the impression he would have a legitimate shot at the starting position and at the very least a spot in the rotation. Neither of Kaman’s expectations have come true this season as he has received more DNPs than anybody else on the team. Yes, this has occurred on a Lakers team that is amongst the worst teams in the NBA and a Lakers team that has given Robert Sacre 15 minutes per game. On the bright side, fans have been entertained as Kaman has seemingly passed time by growing out his beard, attempting to look as terrifying as he possibly can.

Prior to Tuesday night’s game against the New York Knicks, Kaman told the media that he ‘can’t wait’ until this season is over. Really, who can blame him? Kaman is on the tail-end of his career, so he cannot afford to waste seasons sitting the bench. No fault to Kaman at all; he has just been subject to a very unfair system run by small ball coach D’Antoni. If it makes him feel any better, Pau Gasol has also voiced his frustration with the way D’Antoni regards and coaches his big men. Gasol was victim to the benching last season when he was benched in favor of Earl Clark. Jordan Hill has also fallen victim but has recently found his way back into the starting lineup.

To make matters worse, Kaman then went on tell the media that he has not spoken to D’Antoni in three weeks and he found out that he was starting when personally viewing the lineups. Certainly this is not the type of communication any NBA coach should have with any of his players. Either D’Antoni already has knowledge of his firing this summer or he simply does not like Kaman enough to speak to him. If Lakers’ management does not can this man once the season ends, fans should really begin to question the integrity of the front office.

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