Brooklyn Nets Player Loses Over Half of Salary Over Flagrant Foul Fine

By Connor Muldowney
Jorge Guitierrez
Getty Images

Losing over half of your salary can never really be a good thing, just ask the Brooklyn Nets‘ newest addition, Jorge Gutierrez. While Gutierrez was just signed for the remainder of the year by the Nets, he was fined for about 52 percent of his 10-day contract on Wednesday, March 26.

What did Gutierrez do to earn such a hefty fine? Well, flagrant fouls in the NBA carry pretty large fines these days and Gutierrez’s flagrant II foul on Cody Zeller during the game cost the 25-year-old shooting guard about $15,000.

To most NBA players, this is just pocket change — Kobe Bryant makes over $30 million a year, making this fine a bit less than half a percent of his salary. However, to Gutierrez, this was the most expensive foul of his career, costing him $15,000 of his $28,834 made on his second 10-day contract with the Nets.

How many times have you ever heard of an NBA player being fined for over half of his contract? It basically has never happened before which makes this all the better and more newsworthy.

Don’t feel bad, though. The young NBA role player will be making far more money in the near future as he just signed a two-year deal with the Nets that will finish out the rest of this season and extend through next season — assuming he makes the team.

Money will no longer be an issue for Gutierrez, but this is something that likely had him sweating it out for a bit. Finding out that he had to pay over 50 percent of his salary to the league had to be devastating.

Heck, one more foul like that could have put him in debt for playing in the NBA.

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