Los Angeles Lakers Would Be Foolish To Trade Lottery Pick for Kevin Love

By Joseph Crevier
Los Angeles Lakers
Noah Graham-Getty Images

Rumors surfaced earlier today that the Los Angeles Lakers may attempt to acquire for All-Star, Kevin Love via trade this offseason rather than waiting for him to become a free agent in 2015. Of course this report would be something to celebrate, however, in order to complete such a trade it would require involving Los Angeles’ highly coveted lottery pick. Amidst the worst season in Lakers history, the one thing fans have been looking forward to is bringing in some young talent for really the first time since Kobe Bryant was acquired 18 years ago from the Charlotte Hornets.

Kevin Love is an absolute beast, there’s no denying that. He is arguably the best power forward in the game today as he is able to do everything from shoot, rebound and pass. Adding him to a Lakers team with no sense of direction would certainly be a big step in the rebuilding process. The main wrinkle in this entire situation is trading away a talented prospect who has the potential to become a future superstar. Nothing is guaranteed in the NBA draft, but in a class that has been labelled the deepest since the 2003, taking the gamble is 100 percent worth it. Making a trade of these sorts would just be flat out foolish, especially when the team has the ability to sign him in free agency by remaining patient for one more year.

Additionally, another reason why this would be a moronic trade is due to the fact that Love could easily bolt after one year in Los Angeles much like Dwight Howard did last offseason. Fans must ask themselves this question, if you are Love, why would you re-sign with a team in complete disarray when you have the ability to choose to sign with a contender? In order to convince Love to stay in Los Angeles, a team containing some talented young players would almost be a requirement. While participating in a recent post-game interview, Love expressed extreme disappointment as his Minnesota Timberwolves once again dropped a must-win game to the Memphis Grizzlies. Love went on record by saying he is sick and tired of losing, so basically what this means is as intriguing a destination Los Angeles is, the team must be in good standing if they plan on pursuing him.

Trading away a prospect for uncertainty will unquestionably come back to haunt the franchise in the future. As much as Kobe Bryant desires to be competitive next season, it will be in both his and the team’s best interest to develop their draft pick while patiently waiting for Love to hit the market.

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