Are Chicago Bulls Ready For Primetime?

By Tracy Martin
Chicago Bulls Portland Trail Blazers Blowout Loss
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

While the Chicago Bulls have arguably the league’s best defense, it certainly did not appear that way in last night’s embarrassing blowout loss against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers pulled ahead midway into the game, leaving the Bulls flabbergasted in their wake. Now after games like these, fans may need to come to the realization that Chicago may not be as good as they are talked up to be.

Now of course, blowout games like these make the Bulls look worse than they really are. Chicago has a number of talented players, but the Bulls’ weaknesses can longer be ignored, especially with the playoffs right around the corner.

Honestly, it appeared as if there was a lack of chemistry on the floor in yesterday’s game. There were missed buckets, turnovers and uncontested baskets from the other side. It was just a very poor showing all around. The Blazers are no doubt an intimidating team, but the Bulls have went up against stronger squads and gave it their all.

Chicago just came off of an impressive win against the league-best Indiana Pacers on Monday, and had several days to prepare for this game. Why couldn’t they put up a better fight?

But last night wasn’t a complete loss. The Bulls ended the night with a great pyrrhic victory in the fact that they have now clinched a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference playoffs. However, they need to become stronger before the season ends.

Chicago is one of the strongest teams in the league, but games like these are a big disservice to that fact. If the Bulls allow themselves to get taken down this easily, then fans shouldn’t have their playoff hopes set too high.

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