Dallas Mavericks Lucky to Avoid Sacramento Kings' Isaiah Thomas

By Miotch
Isaiah Thomas
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Per Rotoworld Basketball, Sacramento Kings starting point guard Isaiah Thomas is out for tonight’s game at the American Airlines Center against the Dallas Mavericks. Thomas is suffering from a quad injury at the present time and he just won’t be able shake it off in time for tonight. The Mavericks must feel lucky that they will avoid playing against such an effective player.

Rookie Ray McCallum who started in place of Thomas in the Kings’ last game, will start in his place again. One problem dealing with a backup player like McCallum, is that the scouting report on the player is most likely limited. So the second-round draft pick will provide a really big unknown for Dallas. In both of the Kings’ last two games, McCallum has played over 40 minutes and dished out five assists, so his play-making skills are definitely no secret.

In many ways, though, the Mavericks catch a big break, as the 5-foot-9 Thomas would have posed perhaps the biggest obstacle on the Kings’ roster to overcome. On the flip side, it may very well turn this game against the Kings into a ‘trap game’ for the Mavericks. Either way, after all the Mavericks have been through on this home stand, they can use all the breaks they can get.

Thomas has pretty much established himself as a star and when the star doesn’t play, the motivation might not be the same. But the Mavericks are trying to make it into the playoffs, so that really is all the motivation they will need.

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