Andrew Wiggins Has Potential To Be The Next NBA Superstar

By Ryan Wenzell
Andrew Wiggins NBA Draft
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In a less than stunning development, Andrew Wiggins officially declared for the 2014 NBA Draft. It was a move he said he was going to make before the college basketball season even began.

Wiggins came into the season with immense hype. He was already being tabbed as things like the next LeBron James and the most decorated Kansas Jayhawks recruit since Wilt Chamberlain. While he may not have lived up to quite those standards, he still had a heck of a freshman campaign.

Wiggins averaged 17 points per game, proved to be a lock down defender at the college level and often displayed his world class athleticism on both ends of the floor — especially in transition on some highlight reel throw downs. The real question is what is Wiggins’ pro potential?

He will come in on day one and be an elite level NBA athlete. He is that blessed physically. It also looks like he will be at the very worst a solid defender at the next level.

The questions come at the offensive end. While he did no doubt take over some games for the Jayhawks — especially near the end of the season — Wiggins at times is guilty of being passive and disinterested.

Some would like to see him be a lot more aggressive, especially on the offensive end of the basketball court. Keep in mind the kid is only 19 years old. That killer instinct is often developed over time, and it’s possible that will be the case with Wiggins.

Regardless, he is a blue chip prospect in every sense of the word and the favorite to be selected first overall. The arrow is only pointing up for this kid, and I believe he is only scratching the surface of his immense potential that could see him be one of the league’s elite players in due time.

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