Dirk Nowitzki Reminds Everyone He’s the NBA’s Funniest Player on Conan

By RanterX
Dirk on conan
Getty Images

When the Conan O’Brien Show came to Dallas, everyone had the same thought: This is going to be some funny stuff. Ok, you probably were thinking a four-letter word instead of “stuff” but you catch our drift. Then Conan invited Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki on the show and the Big German (who let us in on his other nicknames that we didn’t know about) brought the house down. Of course, if you’re familiar with Dirk, this doesn’t surprise you. If you’re not familiar with the man whose Twitter handle is @Swish41, you’ll instantly become a fan after watching the video above.

First of all, Conan’s answers to Dirk’s questions were mostly funny, but he definitely wouldn’t have passed it if he was giving all serious answers. And he definitely couldn’t have listed all of Dirk’s alleged nicknames, although really no one could and even if anyone could, no one not of German descent could pronounce the last few of them. We do have to admit “The Berlin Tall” was pretty good.

However, Conan definitely surprised us all when he gave directions from his studio to AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium) in German, although it was obvious he had rehearsed it a thousand times and was reading it on the air. Still, it was pretty funny.

So no matter how funny you may think other NBA players are and no matter how much publicity they get for their “humor”, Dirk is by far the funniest player in the league. Thank you, Conan, for bringing that to light on national TV.

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