Milwaukee Bucks Should Not Consider Doug McDermott in 2014 NBA Draft

By David Grant
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The Milwaukee Bucks plan to leave no stone unturned as the 2014 NBA Draft approaches. One player, Doug McDermott, has received a lot of buzz and will be part of Milwaukee’s process of player analysis.

McDermott could be enticing given his strong offensive game and ability to knock down shots from anywhere inside a gym. At present time, the Bucks are a very defensive oriented team and will need to add an offensive weapon if they expect to improve next season. McDermott also brings a buzz wherever he goes and has a loyal fanbase. Did he deserve the Larry Bird Sports Illustrated cover pose? Probably not, but in the name of good fun I enjoyed it.

The reason McDermott does not fit with the Bucks is due to his inability to get inside and to the free throw line. Very much a catch and shoot player, McDermott lacks in his vertical reach and will not be an effective post player in the NBA. It is unknown how well his college offense will transition and without the ability to draw fouls he will be limited. Not too mention, McDermott also struggles on defense and would weaken a potentially strong defense the Bucks are building.

The reality is McDermott is probably a role player at best in the NBA as a spot shooter who can come off the bench and hit a couple threes. Chances are McDermott will be drafted somewhere around the tenth pick in the draft, which is no where near where the Bucks are expected to pick — problem solved.

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