Carlos Delfino Adds No Value To Milwaukee Bucks

By David Grant
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Last offseason, the Milwaukee Bucks signed Carlos Delfino to a three-year deal worth $3 million-plus each year. The signing was part of the Bucks’ attempt at mixing young players and veterans to grow and compete at the same time. As we know now, that plan was a disaster. Veterans Gary Neal, Caron Butler and Luke Ridnour have already left and Delfino has yet to play a game since his deal.

The decision to have foot surgery prior to the start of the season was always suspect, and fans wondered how the organization could sign someone for three years and not be aware. So here they are, stuck with two more years of Delfino, who may or may not be able to contribute at an NBA level. What can Milwaukee expect?

Delfino is currently 31 and has averaged approximately 10 points a game. A positive to his game is his ability to play both the shooting guard and small forward positions on both sides of the floor. The question is: will Delfino be able to contribute post-injury? I believe the answer is yes, but only in a limited role.

The Bucks are in full rebuild mode, so any veteran will need to be a leader on and off the floor. Delfino may eventually embrace this role, but so far this has not been an expectation. On the floor, he will regress due to age and constant injuries that have plagued him over the past couple of years. If the Bucks can find a way to rid themselves of Delfino and his remaining two years, they should jump at the opportunity.

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