Time Has Come For The Toronto Raptors To Give Landry Fields Another Look

By Ty O'Keefe
Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Getting production from your bench is obviously crucial to the overall success of an NBA franchise, especially those fortunate enough to be headed for the upcoming playoffs.

For the Toronto Raptors however, finding a consistent source of offensive output beyond the seven or eight players currently in the rotation has been an unresolved issue all season, but before looking elsewhere, it may be time to give Landry Fields another look.

Considered to be one of the league’s bright young talents at the time, Toronto signed the former 39th overall pick of the New York Knicks to an offer sheet in the summer of 2012 that went unmatched by the Knicks and gave Raptor Nation at least a little more hope for the upcoming campaign.

Initially acquired to provide Toronto with a long-range threat also capable of rebounding and playing multiple positions, Fields was severely limited during his first year as a member of the Raptors due to an injury to his right elbow that resulted in surgery, and has again missed time this season after undergoing a minor surgical procedure on his right wrist.

During the current campaign, the Raptors have basically paid Fields to be a spectator at 10.7 minutes a contest, but now that he’s healthy and Toronto is in desperate need of some help from its reserves in order to keep everyone fresh for the playoffs, giving the once-heralded guard one last shot to prove his worth should be a priority over the final seven games.

While there are those who feel that Fields been overpaid in Toronto, until he’s given enough playing time to either return to his former self or fail miserably, an accurate judgement from anyone is impossible, and the Raptors run the risk of watching the former Knick rebuild his career for another NBA franchise.

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