Charles Barkley Calls Michael Jordan the Cheapest Former Athlete on 'Conan'

By Connor Muldowney
Charles Barkley
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As one of the most outspoken athletes — or former athletes — in the world, Charles Barkley has accrued the reputation of a guy who won’t hold anything back. In fact, the former NBA great made an appearance on ‘Conan’ last night and Conan O’Brien caught him in a vulnerable spot, asking him some hard-hitting questions.

Okay, so the questions were harmless, but he did ask Sir Charles to give an honest answer and to not to fabricate his response. Basically he told Charles Barkley to be Charles Barkley.

The question arose of who was the cheapest athlete or celebrity he’s been around. He began to name some former athletes and then Michael Jordan‘s name came up, surprising some audience members and causing Chuck to elaborate on his answer, even giving a background story. Check out the controversial statement Charles said about MJ:

While the audience gave a few awkward laughs here and there, Charles really did mean well. He wanted to get a reaction out of the crowd and instead got some awkward silence accompanied by a few soft boos.

It’s hard to believe a rich man like Michael Jordan could ever be cheap and say something like “If he can reach his hand out, he can say ‘welcome to McDonald’s can I take your order.'”

Is Michael really that cheap?

Who knows, maybe Charles was just making up a story to get a reaction and somewhat throw his close friend, Michael Jordan, under the bus. That wasn’t the only athlete he bashed as he also called Tiger Woods cheap and he hated on Shaquille O’Neal for being fat, per usual.

Pretty funny appearance overall for the big man.

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