Are the Boston Celtics Tanking Too Far?

By Michael LeDuc
Rajon Rondo
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On Friday night, the Boston Celtics lost a game in which they were heavily favored to come out on top. Instead, the Celtics let arguably the worst team in the league, the Philadelphia 76ers, walk all over them. The Sixers handed the Celtics their sixth-straight loss with a 111-102 victory.

Some may look at this game as a good loss considering it improves their lottery position. I for one, am a big advocate to tanking. I fully believe that a rebuilding team must go through one bad season in order to get back to contention. However, the Celtics have recently taken it to a whole new level.

Despite the results, seeing this team play with unity, pride and out-work their opponent each game were things to admire. It was fun seeing Brad Stevens put his less-than-ideal team in the best position to win, no matter the competition. The last two games, the Celtics have played lethargic and unmotivated to see the least. It is not entertaining basketball; it is dull and sloppy.

Yes, I believe tanking is the best direction for this team, but it is produced from the hands of management and the front office. How the team is constructed determines the losing. Danny Ainge has put together a less-than-mediocre roster in order to tank and ultimately rebuild. However, the players on the team and the coach should not have the mindset to tank. Their only mindset should be to be better the players and to leave their best efforts on the court, no matter the score.

The Celtics were viewed as a team that gave it their all and competed, but just did not have enough talent to win. Now we’re seeing the heart of the team straying from he ultimate goal: to get better and develop.

Celtics fans are fine with bad results this season, just as long as the effort is still there. The last two weeks of the season will be telling of the character of some players and whether they are worth keeping around.

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