Chicago Bulls Are Proving They Are Contenders

By Wally Jacobs
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With only a few games remaining on the schedule, the Chicago Bulls are currently one of the hottest teams in the league to close out the season. Winners of five straight games, the Bulls have looked more dominant than ever on both defense and offense.

During their winning streak, the Bulls are averaging just over 100 points per game while giving up just 88 points to their opponents. That’s a solid improvement over their regular season scoring average of 93 points per game. However, Chicago also overtook the Indiana Pacers for points allowed at 92, making the Bulls the top defense in the NBA.

Much of the Bulls’ scoring credit goes to D.J. Augustin who does much of his damage off of the bench. Augustin is emerging as the Bulls primary scorer when he enters a game, is averaging 20 points per game during the winning streak, and often times finds himself getting double-teamed and picked up by defenders in the backcourt.

The Bulls have also had solid games out of Carlos Boozer whose shooting percentage is well over 60% during his last five games. Although Boozer has not played in fourth quarters consistently, he’s managed to use his time wisely and establish the paint inside for the Bulls. If Boozer continues his solid play, he can expect more playing time since the Bulls desperately need his inside scoring.

With only five more games left on the schedule, the Bulls have a chance to win 50 games this season while establishing themselves as major contenders in the playoffs.

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