Chicago Bulls Finally Cash In On Tyrus Thomas Trade

By Mike Cuddy
Tyrus Thomas bobcats
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Four years ago, as the 2010 trade deadline approached, the Chicago Bulls sent forward Tyrus Thomas to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Acie LawFlip Murray and a future first round pick. A condition of that first round pick was that it was a lottery protected pick for six years, meaning that the Bulls could not receive the pick until either the Bobcats were good enough to get themselves out of the NBA draft lottery, or the time ran out on the protection.

The deal stated that the pick was lottery-protected (Top 14) in 2012, and would decrease each year thereafter. Last year, the pick was Top 12 protected and now this year, the pick is only Top 10 protected. The pick would have continued to lower until it was unprotected in 2016, however, the Bobcats secured a playoff spot last night, which ensures that the pick will be at worst No. 15 overall, meaning it is transferred to the Bull’s possession. This is great news for the Bulls, who will now have two first round selections this year as they attempt to find a scorer to play alongside former MVP point guard Derrick Rose.

The team is built to win right now, though it would be great for them to acquire a few more young talents who head coach Tom Thibodeau can mold into his system without forcing them into heavy minutes too soon, much as the team  did with shooting guard Jimmy Butler. With most people predicting that the team will amnesty Carlos Boozer this offseason, Taj Gibson would conceivably move into the starting role, which would open up a spot for a guy who can come off the bench and contribute quality minutes.

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