Jimmer Fredette Likely the Odd Man Out for Chicago Bulls

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Now that the Chicago Bulls are primed and ready for the postseason, head coach Tom Thibodeau already has his nine-man rotation set and added one more to the roster on Apr. 7. Former Bull Ronnie Brewer has signed with the team for the rest of the season after being released from the Houston Rockets in late February.

With the roster expanded to 13 players now and with talks of  possibly adding point guard Mike James to the Bulls, Jimmer Fredette appears to be the odd man out. From the moment Fredette signed with the Bulls on Mar. 2, fans in Chicago have been dying to see the third-year guard out of Brigham Young get consistent minutes in Thibodeau’s rotation. However, the only playing time Fredette has seen is in garbage time of blowouts.

In fact, Fredette has only appeared in seven games for Chicago and is currently averaging a career-low 2.1 points per game. The most minutes he has played as a Bull came against the San Antonio Spurs on Mar. 11. In that game, Fredette logged eight minutes and scored five points in a 104-96 loss home loss for the Bulls.

Despite losing the game against the Spurs, Fredette was able to lead the team to a late rally in the fourth quarter when the Bulls were down by as many as 32 points in that game. Needless to say, the eight-point loss would’ve been much larger without the contribution of Fredette.

However, with the Bulls roster continuing to expand, it may be even more difficult for Fredette to get meaningful minutes in Thibodeau’s established rotation. The only thing Fredette might be able to hope for at this point is more blowout games.

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  • Truth928

    the Bulls are REALLY stupid for not getting Fredette in the rotation… This kid is a A1 Baller//He leads the NBA in 3pt %, is a Great passer and a team first guy. AND a gritty competitor ..Too bad he doesnt have darker skin …

    • Peter Bielawski

      Truth928 dude, Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy are both white. The issue here is that Thibs has always been stubborn to let new guys into the rotation unless they are proven. I’m sure Jimmer is better than multiple guards in the league. Unfortunately, he just arrived too late into the Bulls lineup. He’ll find a niche somewhere.

  • Slop_j30

    So why in the world did they sign him in the first place? They had to know what they were getting, right? Did the fact that he’s primarily a scorer and little else come as a surprise? It makes no sense to bring in a guy for only one possible purpose and then just stash him on the end of the bench, eventually signing someone else with a different skill set to replace him. He had other options when the Kings bought him out, and I can’t believe this is what he was led to expect from the Bulls. How he’s not losing his s#%& right now I can’t imagine.

  • Carl Junior

    Jimmer Fredette was signed as a security blanket, they knew before signing him that he was not going to be seeing much playing time, but they wanted to sign him in case one of their wings got injured and Snell would then be switched into a starting position and Fredette would come off the bench. Just as the bulls have now done with Ronnie Brewer, however, unlike Fredette, Brewer is their defensive security blanket while Fredette is the offensive end. This is all planned for worst case scenarios going into the playoffs.

  • DrewNusser

    Per 36 this year:
    Jimmer: 18.9 ppg, 4.6 apg, 1.0 spg, 46% fg, 49% 3pt
    DJ: 17.0 ppg, 6.0 apg, 1.0 spg, 41% fg, 42% 3pt

    Stats-wise, these two are very similar per minute, yet one is seen as the team’s savior, and the other is probably fighting to stay out of the D-League next year. Jimmer could easily be a good contributor on multiple teams, but he’s just fallen into another tough situation. He and DJ are two are very similar players, with similar strengths and weaknesses, but Augustin was already playing a big role on the team, so why would they give the new guy the nod? Thibs is probably doing the best thing for the Bulls keeping with his rotation – it just sucks for Jimmer, because he’s definitely better than his minutes would lead people to believe.

  • luzandrob

    He would have been getting some nice PT if he would have stayed with the Kings. Talk about bad luck. How can a guy so good in college not even get a look in the NBA? He may never get a break.