Lakers vs. Rockets: 275 Combined Points Is A Joke

By Jacob Kornhauser
Los Angeles Lakers
Getty Images

Talk about tanking. The game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets from the Staples Center looked more like a glorified pick-up game than an NBA basketball game.

Disparity between teams as well as teams tanking have become gigantic problems in the NBA, and it’s turning the league into a joke in some ways. There’s still no doubt that when league powers play each other, there are good and entertaining games, but any game involving any other team is usually devoid of entertainment value.

Outside of the top 10 teams in the league playing each other, there really is no game worth watching in the NBA anymore. Even a team like the Lakers that is usually a powerhouse is going through a rebuilding phase, and it looks ugly right now. It’s not very often that you can score 130 points and lose a game by 15, but that’s exactly what Los Angeles did. Whether they’re tanking or they’re just plain bad, it’s embarrassing.

This game saw the benchwarmers on the floor by the middle of the third quarter, and while it’s all fine and good that those players get to see a little bit of playing time, this isn’t good for the fans. Do you think fans who bought expensive tickets to a Lakers game wanted to see the 10th man on each bench running isolation plays on each other down the stretch? No, of course not, but that’s what fans are getting on a consistent basis.

Until the NBA develops more parity and starts curbing tanking teams, results like this absurd 275-point contest are going to happen over and over again. That’s not good for the league or its fans.

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