Miami Heat Starting To Look An Awful Lot Like Cleveland Cavaliers

By Richard Nurse
Dwyane Wade
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

As the NBA season started, speculation began to swirl about where LeBron James would be taking his talents this summer. However, as the year progressed the question changed from could he return to the Miami Heat to he definitely cannot go back to the mess that is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But little did we know that like last year’s playoffs, Dwyane Wade was going to leave the team looking like they reside in Northeast Ohio.

Tonight marks the 28th game that Wade’s absence — ninth straight — will have James attempting to put on his mask and cape to carry the Heat in superhero fashion, all without the help of not even a Toronto Raptors-esque Chris Bosh. Which defeats the purpose of the three stars coming together in first place. And no not the winning championships part; I mean the side where they signed up to take pressure off of each other.

Wade is nowhere near close to holding up his end of the bargain — particularly when he’s about to sit out a virtual first place clincher, meaning that you probably will not see him for the final three games of the season either. But what would you expect when coach Erik Spoelstra believes that they can often just toss the ball to James and say “save us”?

It makes you wonder what the Chosen One is thinking — in his first year of pending free agency — about having to be everything for what seems to be the Miami Cavaliers.

Could this lead to the end of the Big Three? And couldn’t Wade have just sat out to get himself right at the beginning of the season? No worries, because all questions should be answered in about a month’s time.

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