Brooklyn Nets Must Move on From Bojan Bogdanovic

By Mike B. Ruiz
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

If the Brooklyn Nets were holding out hope once again that they convince Bojan Bogdanovic to finally make the jump to the NBA this offseason, it looks like they’re going to be disappointed once again.

On Thursday, Bogdanovic made comments about playing against the San Antonio Spurs in October in a preseason matchup with his Turkish team Fenerbahce Ulker.

“We are very excited to be playing against such an important team as the San Antonio Spurs,” said Bogdanovic. “They are a great team, with a great coach and roster. It’s going to be an experience we will never forget, just like all of our games with the NBA teams.

“There will be a great atmosphere here at Ulker Sports Arena. I am sure our fans are also going to be very excited about this game. We are looking forward to it.”

The fact that this isn’t the first remark which gives the appearance that Bogdanovic is leaning toward a Euroleague return next season gives the sense that this will ultimately be the reality the Nets will face. And if so, they’ll be better off in the long run.

Since acquiring Bogdanovic’s rights in the 2011 draft, reaching an agreement with the 24-year-old forward has been impossible to accomplish. Many believe that he could be an impact player in the NBA, but up to this point, he’s been nothing but a tease.

Brooklyn’s been hung up on this one player for too long. The chances of him coming over don’t seem promising at all after multiple years of waiting, so the Nets might as well trade his rights for whatever they can immediately receive. It makes more sense to get someone or something they can use next season as opposed to maintaining false hope.

Bogdanovic may think the Nets will wait forever for him, but this is a business, and the waiting game has been played for too long.

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