Philadelphia 76ers May Lose, But Have Lots of Toughness

By Kareem Gantt
philadelphia 76ers
Kevin C. Cox – Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers may be composed of one legitimate star, a couple of NBA caliber players and rest of the roster filled out by college role players. But one thing you should say about the Sixers is that this team displays the heart and fighting spirit of the city they represent.

It was evident in their game against another former struggling franchise, the playoff-bound Charlotte Bobcats.

Each time the Bobcats looked to have the Sixers on the ropes, Philly would fight themselves off of the rope and throw a few jabs right back at the Bobcats. When you have nothing to play for other than gaining a better chance at the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, a team plays looser and more fluid.

More than anything, a team with nothing to play for is just out on the court to play basketball and have fun.

That is what the Sixers did on Saturday night. They played basketball and had fun. Yes, Philly has been a disaster and the butt of jokes all season long. But one thing the Sixers have done throughout this painful rebuilding year was fight.

The Sixers are not fighting for a championship or a playoff spot. Philly is fighting for respect and pride. They are fighting back the jokes and stigma that has unfortunately been bestowed on this franchise this season.

You can call Philly the “Twenty-Sixers.” You can call them losers. You can accuse most of their players of not being good enough to play at the NBA level. But one thing you cannot say is that the Sixers do not have heart. Even though Philly suffered its 63rd loss of the season on Saturday, they fought the Bobcats tooth and nail like they were fighting for a playoff berth. Even when all was lost, the Sixers still got up and fought. It’s the Sixer way.

It’s the Philly way.

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