Carmelo Anthony Would Be Dumb Not To Consider Chicago Bulls

By Andrew Fisher
Carmelo Anthony
Getty Images

The New York Knicks season has only been mathematically over for a few days, but the buzz surrounding Carmelo Anthony‘s future is already in full swing.

Ever since Melo declared that he would be opting out of his contract following the 2013-14 season, one team has continually come up as a future landing spot — the Chicago Bulls. Speculation about Melo to the Bulls is now at an all-time high following his reported inquiry into playing for Tom Thibodeau.

Anthony supposedly asked a former Bulls player how it was playing for Thibodeau, but it’s unclear whether he was asking because of next season or for the next round of Olympic games (where Thibs is set to coach).

In addition to that alleged question, Melo spoke highly of the Bulls coach on Friday, saying that he was a great coach with system similar to Gregg Popovich‘s.

So what does it all mean, and should we read into these comments by Anthony?

I believe he’d be absolutely crazy not to consider joining the Bulls this offseason. The Knicks are a couple years (at best) away from competing for a title, even with Phil Jackson now running the front office show. New York is limited financially because of large contracts and really doesn’t even have a coach right now.

If Melo wants to play for a team that will give him a shot at a title over the next couple of years, that team is not in the Big Apple. The chance to win now is in Chicago with Thibodeau and possibly Derrick Rose.

But even if Rose never played another minute, Melo would still have a better chance to win over the next couple of years with the Bulls. They’re just a flat out better team that’s in a much better place right now.

If money is more important to Melo than winning, he’ll stay in New York. But if he’s tired of playing for a loser, he’d be foolish to not consider Chicago.



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