Andrew Bogut's Rib Injury Dooms Golden State Warriors in Playoffs

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Bogut
Cary Edmondson – USA Today Sports Images

It’s been a rough year for the Golden State Warriors. After growing by leaps and bounds last season, things just haven’t continued on the same upward trend in 2014. The Warriors have been up-and-down all season and should consider themselves lucky to have the six seed in the upcoming playoffs. But if the team was hoping to turn it on come playoff time and make a run to the WCF, those chances have taken a huge hit.

Andrew Bogut has officially been placed on the shelf with a rib injury. The Warriors are listing him as ‘out indefinitely’ and saying that he could be sidelined for the entire length of the team’s playoff run.

Bogut apparently has a fractured rib, which could become serious if it’s broken any futher:

“I’ve got to be careful, because if it cracks I’m looking at a punctured lung. You’ll see me in the hospital with a tube coming out of me. It’s one of those things people have played through, but this is too close to comfort for me,” said the Warriors center.

So while it hasn’t been confirmed, the safe bet is that Bogut will miss Golden State’s first round series against the Los Angeles Clippers. Unless Steph Curry and company just shoot the lights out for the length of the series, I’m not sure the Warriors have much of a chance at all. Bogut isn’t great, but when you lose a seven-footer just prior to playoff time, it’s going to hurt your team.

As it stands right now, there just isn’t any reason to believe the Warriors have what it takes to beat the Clippers. We know they’re good enough to win a couple games at home, but over seven games, L.A. is the safe pick.

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