Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah is Heartbroken By News of Snow Outside

By Andrew Fisher
Joakim Noah
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Joakim Noah isn’t shy about letting people know how he feels. He’s one of the most emotional players in the NBA and no doubt the emotional leader of the Chicago Bulls. He’s never afraid to let you know what he thinks about the game of basketball, but on Monday, he wasn’t shying away from letting you know his feelings on the weather.

Check out Noah’s priceless postgame reaction to the news of snow outside in Chicago:

I’m not even sure that ‘heartbroken’ describes his emotional state after that news. 

Noah was dejected to say the least after learning of snow in April. But anyone who’s lived in the midwest for an extended period of time can tell you that it’s not uncommon. Midwest weather is very bipolar, especially in the Spring. One day it will be 75 and sunny, the next it will sleet and snow in the 30s…

As for Noah and Bulls, they’re getting set to enter the playoffs for the sixth straight year. Just like last year (and basically the year before) they’ll be without Derrick Rose. Because of that fact, many are writing them off once again. Even though the Bulls play together as a team better than nearly anyone else, the general consensus is that they don’t have enough talent to make any real noise.

Chicago will have a solid chance to move on from the first round, as they’ve got yet another date with the Brooklyn Nets looming. After that, a matchup with the Indiana Pacers is a real possibility. Anyone who’s watched them over the last month can tell you that they’re beatable.

Point being, don’t sleep on the Bulls.

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