Chicago Bulls Will Make It to the NBA Finals

By Wally Jacobs
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Now that the 2013-14 NBA season is finally coming to an end, 16 teams are bracing themselves for the postseason. However, there is no hotter team in the league at the moment than the Chicago Bulls who have an Eastern Conference best 21-8 record since the All-Star break. The Bulls also have gone 8-1 over their last nine games and are more than ready to make some noise in the playoffs.

The two biggest hurdles the Bulls might face in the postseason come from the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. Both teams have the top two records in the east, but with that said, the Bulls have split the season series with Indiana and Miami at 2-2. With the Heat appearing sluggish, and the Pacers struggling to closeout the regular season, there is no doubt that the Bulls can beat either team in a seven-game series.

For the Bulls, if they enter the postseason with the fourth seed in the east, they will more than likely face the first-seeded Pacers in the second round. With Joakim Noah anchoring the defense for Chicago, the Bulls are capable of out-scrapping, outscoring and out-hustling Paul George, Roy Hibbert and the rest of the Pacers.

The Eastern Conference Finals will be a more challenging battle if the Bulls face the Heat. Miami — who has knocked Chicago out of the playoffs the last two out of three years — has the star power of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. But with the sluggish Heat not playing up to expectations as of late, the defensive-minded Bulls could capitalize and defeat the reigning champs.

The sky is the limit for the Bulls in the playoffs despite so much adversity this season. But if Noah, Taj Gibson and D.J. Augustin can continue playing at a high level, there is no telling how far the Bulls can go in the playoffs.

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