Miami Heat Still Confident Heading Into Playoffs Despite Late Season Swoon

By Kareem Gantt
Shane Battier
Robert Mayer-USA Today Sprots

The game against the Philadelphia 76ers never mattered to the Miami Heat.

The Heat couldn’t care less if the 76ers, who are currently in a mass rebuilding stage, ran away with the game at the American Airlines Arena, or if one of the Sixers exploded for a career night. The Heat couldn’t care less about their three-game losing streak either, which cost them the home-court advantage in the East.

None of that mattered on Wednesday night in South Beach.

The only thing Miami was concerned with was gearing up for another grueling postseason run in their quest to become the first team since the Los Angleles Lakers achieved it 12 years ago to win back-to-back-to-back NBA titles.

With the home-court advantage lost, it made little sense for the Heat to risk their shot at NBA history by playing its starting rotation. LeBron James and Chris Bosh once again got the night off. Only Dwayne Wade was in the starting lineup, but only because he needed to knock off some rust before joining his two running mates in chasing history.

You could say that Miami may have squandered a golden opportunity by failing to have the home-court advantage. But what Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon taught us was that great teams do not need to have the home-court advantage to prove that they can beat anyone. Great teams can close out a series anywhere, and more than ever, that is what the Heat is trying to prove this year.

So yes, the Heat lost to the rebuilding Sixers. So what? Miami has history to chase.

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