New York Knicks Make The Move Los Angeles Lakers Fans Have Been Yearning For

By Joseph Crevier
Los Angeles Lakers
Harry How-Getty Images

Finally, Lamar Odom is back in the NBA with the New York Knicks.

Yes, that’s right, Los Angeles Lakers fans, the Knicks have once again stolen one of the Lakers’ prized possessions. First it was Metta World Peace, then Phil Jackson and now Odom, who has struggled with off-issues since departing from the Lakers three seasons ago.

When Los Angeles traded him to the Dallas Mavericks back in December of 2011, the entire city was in an uproar, including Kobe Bryant. However, what fans seem to overlook is that Odom requested the trade from the Lakers after being included in the vetoed Chris Paul deal just a week prior. Looking back on it, Odom probably regrets requesting a trade as his life completely took a downward spiral immediately after being dealt.

He went from the Sixth Man of the Year to being so poisonous that he and Mark Cuban had a shouting match, which resulted in Odom mutually agreeing to become inactive for the remainder of the year.

Once the season concluded, Odom remained stuck on the idea of returning to Los Angeles, but with an $8.2 million salary, no deal was in play. This resulted in a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers, with whom he failed to reach the level of play he has been accustomed to throughout the entirety of his career.

Last summer is when Odom’s career really fell off the tracks, when he was allegedly associated with activities involving crack cocaine. He then later divorced his wife Khloe Kardashian, and his NBA career seemed to come to a bitter end.

Luckily for Odom, former Lakers teammate Pau Gasol hooked him up with an opportunity to become a member of a Spanish club, allowing him to draw attention here in the United States. Despite only playing in two games, it proved that Odom was now clean of all drugs and was serious about making one last NBA return.

Fortunately, Jackson was hired as the Knicks’ president, and the two have remained close since their Laker days. Jackson was kind enough to give Odom a chance, signing him to a two year deal yesterday with the second year being non-guaranteed. Even though the Lakers failed to bring him back, fans should be glad that he is healthy and seems to have gotten his life back on track.

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