Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Mike Brown Shouldn't Be Fired

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Brown
David Richard – USA Today Sports Images

I feel like we’ve had this discussion before — will Mike Brown keep his job with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

After just one season back on the sidelines in Cleveland, people are once again beginning to ask that question. That’ll happen, when your team finishes 33-49 and way out of the playoff picture in a mediocre-at-best Eastern Conference.

On top of the Cavs poor performances in 2013-14, there were also rumors along the way about the team’s best player, Kyrie Irving. There’s a popular thought that his days in Cleveland are numbered, which would be absolutely terrible for the franchise. No, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as altering as LeBron James leaving back in 2010, but it would surely set the team back.

But if the Cavs are going to steady the ship, dumping Brown for a second time surely won’t help. You don’t just bring a guy back after firing him if he’s not in your long-term plans. Unless the team is just completely off board with what Brown is selling, and he’s lost his players (which doesn’t appear to be the case), then there’s just no sense in firing him again.

There’s a lot of work to be done, but Brown has proven that he’s a good coach (.616 career win percentage). He just flat out needs more talent to realistically compete in the East. Even if the Cavs had gone .500 this year, what would it really have mattered? This team is not built to compete for a title, so it’s really unfair to place the bulk of the blame on Brown.

The man should keep his job, at least for one more season.

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